Australian Industrial Hemp Conference 

When: 25 -28 February 2020    Where: The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle, Western Australia

The objective of the AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRIAL HEMP CONFERENCE is to serve as a platform for growers, researchers, processors and end-market buyers to present and discuss concepts, key issues, hot topics and the latest findings in growing, producing, and the marketing of all types of industrial hemp products. This Conference is conceived and designed to add value to, and assist in the future expansion of the industrial hemp industry and its community.

The 2nd Australian Industrial Hemp Conference will be held in Fremantle WA February 25 to 28 2020. The Conference will present experts and plans to grow this fledgling but exciting ‘new’ industry.

Researchers, growers and the industry are now looking at how to grow the potential of this crop to benefit more growers, create new local and export markets and unlock its considerable potential. Products from industrial hemp crops can range from food and medicinal products through to material products such as hempcrete from the stem’s inner core, and durable fibre for textile and non-textile end-uses.

Following the success of the inaugural (1st) Conference in Geelong in 2018, the 2nd Australian Industrial Hemp Conference will be held this February in Fremantle, WA. The Conference Organizing Committee with members from the WA Industrial Hemp Association, the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance, AusBiotech, RMIT, Deakin University and CSIRO have organized excellent speakers and worthwhile pre and post Conference activities, including workshops and visits to WA’s eco-village.  The Conference will cover all aspects of industrial hemp from managing the crop for production of medicinal, food, fibre and materials products through to the post-harvest processing technologies required to take these products to the market. The Conference is essential for growers, processors, marketers and researchers.

Each Session at the Conference will be concluded with a chaired Q&A session to stimulate discussion, debate and very importantly, cooperation. Sessions will cover:

  • Industrial hemp production for cannabidiol (CBD)
  • International roundup; what’s happening elsewhere in the world?
  • Seed supply for Australia
  • Crop agronomy – managing and harvesting your crop
  • Food and health products
  • Fibre and material products
  • Industry cooperation and investment opportunities

The Conference is very fortunate to have Bruce Pascoe (Dark Emu) and Michael Robertson (CSIRO Agriculture and Food’s Science Director) start the Conference with keynotes on the invention of agriculture and how past practices might, or indeed should be considered into the future. The talks by these eminent speakers and leaders will be instructive to all Australians interested in the agricultural potential of this crop and all other production systems in this country.

The Conference will be held in Fremantle, WA and includes:

  • Tuesday 25 February; Pre-conference workshops
  • Wednesday 26 - Thursday 27 February: 2 day conference including exhibition, welcome recption and conference dinner
  • Friday 28 February: Site visits


Please see the detail conference program